About Us

Our accomplished team fields professionals, managers and executives who have numerous years of industry experience, and have established a sustained track record of generating superior results. We believe in the transformative power of sound execution, and our name reflects this belief that sustained superior execution generates an intangible but genuine form of equity that drives market and financial success, and makes for a focused, energized and motivated workforce, not to mention delighted stakeholders, shareholders and investors.

We enable our clients to evolve to a plane of  execution that aligns with and helps realize their mission, vision and goals. This evolution is realized by effectively leveraging, intertwining and managing what we refer to as the 4 P's which constitute the critical strands of an organization's execution DNA: purpose, people, processes and projects.

We accomplish this through our carefully crafted consulting and training services, often packaging the two into what we refer to as consultraining services. Consultraining begins with tailoring training to be responsive to client needs, and progresses to a post-training partnership with our clients to ensure that the course learning is successfully implemented. This arrangement ensures that a client's training dollars outlive the course and yield lasting value.

We have a sustained track record of services that provide results for our clients who range across a broad spectrum of industries and organizations: Fortune 500, small- to medium-sized companies, not-for-profit, and government and defense organizations and agencies.