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About Us






Our dynamic team of professional consultants and trainers has the credentials and experience required to translate strategy and mission to actions and results:


Consistent track record of transforming goals into measurable results


Professionally certified (PMP®s, etc.) and exceptionally skilled and qualified (MBA's, Ph.D.'s Master's/Bachelor's degrees from reputed schools)


Deeply committed to creating value for our clients and to communicating in a simple, clear, unambiguous, and honest manner that fosters empathy and trust


Demonstrated ability to formulate and execute on strategy, vision, and goals; and to effect organizational change and continuous learning


Extensive senior management, executive, consulting, and training experience


Outstanding blend of management, technical, analytical, training, communication, people, and leadership skills. Experience spans wide range of organizations and industry segments (government, defense, healthcare, pharmaceutical, IT, telecom, financial, consulting, aerospace, etc.). Several professionals are also skilled trainers with dual industry and university affiliations


Skilled at leveraging past and present data to make informed and insightful decisions and forecasts